Using Our Resources in Ways That Benefit Both Private Interests and the Public Good

Win-Win; for You, California and Inmates

The JVP works with organizations to employ inmates and to provide them with labor opportunities to learn valuable job skills.

The JVP is available to businesses who are planning to expand, open a new enterprise or division, returning from offshore or relocating to California from another state.

Your Profit.
Their Opportunities.
Our Commitment.

The Joint Venture Program (JVP) provides vocational training opportunities to inmates within California’s correctional settings and it offers businesses attractive benefits for employing them. These individuals gain enhanced job skills, which allows them to return more successfully to the community as productive citizens after serving their time.  A very successful correctional rehabilitation program, the JVP has a recidivism rate of 9%.

Contact us at:
toll free: (877) 404-9955

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JVP business benefits include:

Reduced lease rates >>
Reduced Workers Comp rates >>
No employee benefit costs >>
Tax credit >>
Made in the USA label >>

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